Keith Jacob's Portfolio


Fi fi fy fy fo fo fum Shrek 'aint no average ogre son I got a donkey who's wonky and I live in the swamp If you're feeling this ogre let me hear you stomp Say, shrek shrek oh how'd you get so green? shrek shrek yo! What's your favorite cuisine? I eat frogs and bugs and dung beetle pie Sometimes I eat my snot and I don't know why Give me mud, be my bud, don't be no dud I be rocking this vest cus i'm original stud Fi fi fy fy fo fo fum Shrek ain’t no average ogre son Three pigs here's what I build a house of pain And then I put humpty back together again Pinocheo's nose it keeps on getting longer But me and my donkey we be getting stronger Tell snow white and Red Riding Hood Shreks in town yo he's knows what's good If you're looking of rhymes Throw away that map Nothings better than Shrek, Cause this ogre can rap